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Programs – Kindergarten Enrichment

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Kindergarten Enrichment

New for 2019-2020 – Three Options

  1. Attends every Tuesday or Thursday (depending on OLSD schedule)  Reg. Fee $95  – $140/month Sept. – May
  2. Attend every other Wednesday (depending on OLSD schedule)  Reg. Fee $95 – $70/month Sept. – May
  3. Combination of I & II  Reg. Fee $95 – $210/month Sept. – May

Olentangy Local School District – KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION FOR 2019-20

Olentangy Local School District – Kindergarten Calendar 2019-20

2018-2019 School year

  • Tuition: 2018-2019 $635/year 
  • Age:  Kindergartner
  • Wednesday not attending OLSD  9-1
  • Ratio: 18 Children: 2 Teachers
  • Time for peanut-free lunch 

Olentangy Kindergarten students benefit from a unique opportunity to reinforce Kindergarten skills throughout the academic year. This opportunity provides time to enhance grade level skills, in the areas of math, language arts, early literacy, science, social studies, and gross motor activities.  Students continue to gain confidence during their first year of elementary school and build social skills.

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