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Programs – 4/5’s Pre-K

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4/5 -year-old pre-K – Online registration

  • Tuition Information
  • Potty training is not required
  • Age:  4 by September 30th
  • Options:  Monday -Thursday  or  Tuesday – Thursday,  morning 9-11:30  or  afternoon 12:30-3:00
  • Ration:  14 Children: 2 Teachers
  • Learning occurs through a curriculum and activities which are guided to introduce the academic standards set by the state of Ohio.
  • Circle time offers activities involving sequencing, patterning, calendar and recognition of letters and numbers as well as stories and build word walls.

The 4 day program provides a day to extend the preschool experience.   Monday enrichment day, the teachers use curriculum from an OSU program to enhance the children’s literature experience. Special speakers are invited to share their time, talents and interests with the children.  After listening to a story read by the teacher, each child shares in a discussion of the book and creates a page for their journal.

Our program offers an opportunity to:

  • Practice independent skills from a parent
  • Encourage strong work values such as effort, persistence and initiative
  • Practice social values such as helpfulness, cooperation, sharing and concern for others
  • Demonstrate common expressions of courtesy and praise
  • Teach socially acceptable ways to disagree
  • Follow at least two-steps or more of directions
  • Recognize letters and beginning sounds
  • Count 1-20
  • Recognize groups of one, two, three or more objects for patterning and sequencing
  • Recognize and practice rhyming sounds
  • Cut with scissors, glue, trace shapes and assemble
  • Encourage media exploration, small manipulation and creative/dramatic play
  • Provide opportunities for reading enrichment with fiction and nonfiction stories

By meeting your child where he is developmentally, it allows him to progress as he is ready.  It reduces the stress for him and allows him to develop a passion for learning that he will use in the coming years.

Special Programming

Music by Miss Annie is provided periodically.

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