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What our parents say at PUMC Preschool

    • Wonderful and friendly school with great teachers. ~ Annie D.  April 2021
    • Amazing friendly teachers and staff. ~ Carolyn D.  April 2021
    • We love PUMC Preschool and are so thankful we got a full IN person year during these times! ~ Jamie D.  April 2021
    • Loving, supportive staff! ~ Jodi B.  April 2021
    • Great communication. Thoughtful activities. Beautiful artwork and crafts. Solid community. ~ Krista S.  April 2021
    • Love the Shutterfly daily pics. & news! ~ Stephanie H.  April 2021
    • This preschool has been a wonderful experience for my sons. The staff is caring and supportive while keeping the kids safe and having fun learning during this difficult and crazy year! ~ Sara B. April 2021
    • You (PUMCP) are the first people we trusted (outside of family) to care for our children….our kids love it here so much we’ve enrolled all 3.  I’m sad this year will be our last, but grateful you’ve helped our children and us grow.  ~ Lauren M. ~ April 2019
    • PUMCP is the program that I was searching for when looking for a warm, safe, caring environment that teaches core skills to prepare children for kindergarten. This was the best decision for my child and it was confirmed by the feedback I received from my 4 year old. He loves his teachers, friends and the whole program at PUMCP. I am so grateful! Jenny B. ~ April 2019
    • Friendly & educated staff. Wonderful in-class activities. Inviting environment for both kids and parents. Deborah G. ~ April 2019
    • Teachers give personal attention in grooming child. Monika B. ~ April 2019
    • PUMC Preschool is a fun & safe place for children to learn & grow. It’s like a family! Sheri M. ~ April 2019
    • All three of my children had great and memorable experiences at PUMC. I love the experienced and friendly staff and excellent learning environment ~ Erika K.  ~ April 2019
    • The care and dedication each teacher provides for every child’s learning experience is outstanding. Jennifer O.  ~  April 2019
    • I love PUMC Preschool! All of the staff have been very welcoming and wonderful! Both of my children attended and were very prepared for Kindergarten & I highly recommend. Srimathi H.  ~  April 2019
    • The teachers helped my son adjust to school and were wonderful! So kind & loving. It was a huge transition for him but everyone was so encouraging. Thank you!!! Carolyn D. ~  April 2019
    • The learning environment is friendly, compassionate and inclusive. Teachers are great. Joe P.  ~  April 2019
    • “Adelé is really enjoying school. She is always excited when it’s a school day. You guys do a wonderful job with all the kids.”  – Liz B  – 10/16/18
    • “THANK YOU! Our sweet Stella started kindergarten this past week and thanks to all 2of you … she was so ready.  She has a great love of learning and a great love of school and I know that is because of the experience she had at PUMC.  Thank you for your ongoing efforts with the kids and providing a fun and safe atmosphere for them to learn.” – Liz M
    • “My daughter completed 2 years of preschool (3’s and 4’s) and loved every minute of it. The teachers were kind, focused and enthusiastic about learning and made it fun for everyone. The teachers provided a safe and positive social environment for the children. It was nice going to an awesome preschool in our neighborhood. My daughter made great friends that will follow her to elementary school. We have such great memories and wish all the teachers the very best. As a proud parent & church member, I would highly recommend PUMC Preschool!” – Kandice W.
    • “My son loved his preschool experience at PUMC Preschool.  He attended the 3’s, 4’s and Kindergarten Enrichment program.  I feel that he was well prepared for Kindergarten, academically and socially thanks to the staff and the curriculum that they follow.” – Jennifer C.
    • “I cannot express how delighted we have been with our sons progress at PUMC preschool.  The teachers there have such a gift for showing the kids how to be independent, use good manners, learn (in a fun way) the academic skills they need for kindergarten and embrace their creative side with endless art projects and crafts.  I have complete faith that my son is headed to kindergarten fully prepared because of PUMC preschool.  I can’t wait for my daughter to start in the fall.” – Michelle M.
      • “We sent both our kids through PUMC preschool, and we couldn’t be happier with the program. Mrs. Moore & Mrs. Renkes are top notch, the drop off line is wonderful and the curriculum is well thought out. Thank you PUMC!” – Tess G.
    • “My daughters have had a wonderful experience at PUMC preschool. Their teachers have been fabulous and we found their program did a fantastic job at combining learning and fun. They both loved going to preschool and I loved seeing how they flourished both socially and academically while there.” – Julie M.
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