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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Safe Snack” list?

Snack List 2017-2018

What are your drop off/pickup procedures?6-3-15(2)

At dropoff you can either walk your child to their classroom, or utilize our dropoff line.  For pickup we ask that you come into the school and pickup your child at their classroom.

Can I pay tuition electronically through my bank?

Yes. Add PUMC Preschool as a ‘payee’ on your online banking web site. Make sure you use the word ‘Preschool’ in the payee line or the payment will go to the church. Please send payment to our mailing address, 825 E Olentangy St, Powell, OH 43065. Make sure you put your child’s name in the memo line so there is no confusion as to which family has made the payment. If you set up a recurring payment, make sure you stop payment after the May payment is sent

What is your policy on peanuts in the school?

Because of the continuing increase in the number of children with allergies to nuts, please help us in our effort to keep our preschool nut free. If you have any concerns we will work with your family for any special dietary needs. Please call our preschool office at (614) 847-3773 for more details on our policies.

Do you take field trips with the children?

For safety reasons we do not take field trips. Instead, we bring several special activities into the school during the year, including a visit from a local fire station and educators and animals from the Columbus Zoo.

What school calendar do you follow for holidays?

For scheduled holidays, we follow the Olentangy Local School District’s calendar. Delays for Olentangy do not affect our preschool.

What is the school delay/cancellation policy for winter weather conditions?

Any school delay or cancellation, weather or otherwise, will be posted on our Web Site, Facebook and be texted to you via the REMIND system. We may also occasionally need to cancel school for church funerals or other unforeseen emergencies.  When a delay is necessary, our hours of operation will be as follows: AM Session: 10:00am – 12:00pm, PM Session: 1:00am – 3:00pm.

What is your discipline policy?

Consistent with the warm, loving tone of the preschool program, discipline is handled in a positive manner.  Methods of discipline include regular routines, consistent expectations, positive reinforcement, and redirection of activities.  If these methods prove ineffective a parent-teacher-child conference will be held.  Spanking, physical or psychological punishment is never permitted at this preschool.

Is religious education a part of your program?

Our preschool is a non-denominational, non-faith-based program.  Powell United Methodist Church also offers Sunday School for those interested in a religious education for their children.
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